Jeanne PaglioJeanne Paglio is an artist, an author, and a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), who enjoys helping others through sharing her style of art. She has published several Zentangle books, been published in magazines, and aspires to lift the spirits of those who want to make art, but think they have no talent. Her motto is: “There are no mistakes, only opportunities in art.”

At The Purple Dazy, Jeanne’s goal is to inspire everyone to use artful journaling as a step in the how-to journey of an artful life, to encourage relaxation and build confidence. She offers classes and exercises to assist in that journey. No art experience is necessary. Jeanne finds relaxation is key to being healthy and has found tangling, mandalas, and other artwork contribute to the goals of increasing self-worth, relaxation, and creativity.

While on her own artful journey, Jeanne has been published in magazines, has taught at art conventions, and at decorative painting chapters in New England. Her love of all styles and types of art has helped Jeanne grow as a creator of art, books, and novels. She still learns from others, takes opportunities to step outside her comfort zone, and drags along anyone who’s willing to take that ride with her.

Jeanne encourages students to express themselves through artful journaling, no matter the level of skills. Students can use art experiences to enhance their lives by taking time to be creative. Creativity, whatever the type, can change us in a positive way, and Jeanne has had it happen to her. She refers to art as therapy without seeing a therapist.

Working in her office/studio located in the countryside of western Rhode Island, Jeanne lives with two mysterious cats and her husband.